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Strategic Asset Management at CCHA

Founded as Croydon Churches Housing Association in 1967, we are a social housing provider with a focus on quality homes and excellent customer care.

Managing over 1500 homes across 3 London Boroughs, Croydon, Sutton & Bromley. We provide a variety of homes including social housing, Shared Ownership and outright sales.

ccha aspire to build more quality homes and continue to have a positive impact on the local communities in which we operate.

When implementing AspireBI, and indeed since the original delivery in 2020, we have found the social housing business and investment appraisal knowledge of Asprey’s consultants to be invaluable.

Key for us was our involvement in the construction of the initial model. Not only did it provide a forum for the Asset team to liaise with our Leadership team and agree organisational wide values based on our strategy, but it also identified where our data could be improved in order to provide a comprehensive consolidated model, that we utilise in our investment considerations, and offer a high level of decision confidence.

In addition to being able to quickly and simply appraise our portfolio and model potential options, the main benefit for us was the ability to easily show visual results to senior management and board for their critique.

We aspire to use AspireBI to produce data for our Annual Asset Management board reports. We have also recently completed a stock appraisal of our supported living units, this has assisted us in finalising our future strategy for this asset type.

Wesley Flower, Asset Manager

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