Options Appraisal and Asset Values

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Eliminates expensive third party ‘snapshots’

Robust, commercially proven solution

Simplifies a complex management area

Enlighten strategic decision making

Asset value rationalisation, optional appraisal and sustainability modelling

Cement asset value consensus across your organisation


Stock Rationalisation

Insights into stock values and performance improves effectiveness of management efforts from better shared knowledge immediately.  Focus on doing the right things in managing asset and business portfolios avoids waste and improves yield immensely, when measuring both financial and strategic benefits.


Option Appraisal

Enlighten all option appraisals with calculated impact, opportunity cost comparisons and appraisal of all values involved, whether financial, strategic or social. Using advanced, proven commercial appraisal techniques.


Consolidating and measuring Strategic Values is subjective, but very important for an organisation to achieve its Strategic objectives and social responsibilities. Couple these with financial values and the path to a successfully managed organisation is clear of obstacles.

Financial and Strategic Values

Focus your management efforts effectively with self serve asset value rationalisation and analytics.


  • Utilises the latest Microsoft BI Technologies for high performance, powerful data analytics and innovative visualisations

  • Delivers a comprehensive option appraisal toolkit, key to demonstration of sound custodianship

  • Provides robust financial and strategic evaluation for investment/divestment decisions

  • Financial  value calculation from detailed asset level forecasts and strategic value methodology down to single asset level.

  • Model new build, rent change, refurbishment and a wide range of other scenario factors

  • Easily understood presentation of information to determine holistic values and their drivers

  • Helps turn insights into action and speeds up decision making


  • Easy to use, commercially proven solution that simplifies the complex

  • Encourages and supports board understanding and engagement

  • Simplifies and improves strategic decision making

  • Cements organisation wide consensus on asset values and drivers

  • Delivers consistent methodology and framework for future appraisals

  • Minimises subjectivity and identifies investment worthiness

  • Promotes understanding of asset values supporting HCA recommendations

  • Initiates continuous improvement and measurable results of interventions

  • Eliminate repeated and expensive third-party appraisal services

  • Supports building stronger and sustainable position for your business

More than just NPV

Aspire BI

Complete Option Appraisal Toolkit

Stock Rationalisation

Aspire BI Overview

Build robust forecasts of financial performance at asset level from rent, voids, repairs, maintenance and other electronic sources, with a reconciliation of available financial trial balances.

Build understandable evaluation of strategic and social values inherent in asset archetypes, location, etc., and provides proven means by which these and all available financial values can be used to compare assets or groups of assets.

All this makes a wealth of data and analytics available to build consensus and coordinate asset improvement efforts organisation-wide.

Option Appraisal

Aspire BI Appraisal Toolkit

By establishing values and shared valuation bases and measurements for all assets, the products scenario building allows users to model and demonstrate the efficiency of proposed investment or divestment decisions against available alternatives.


The standardisation and availability of historic records inevitably result in continuous improvement within the area of option appraisals and replaces opinion (often from third-party specialists) with robust factual evidence.

Financial and strategic values

Financlai and Strategic Value Comparison

Strategic or Social values should drive or influence any financial decision. Our methodology focuses on all key values, a small number of which are genuinely appropriate to any organisation. Workshops establish consensus on appropriate values for each type of stock or business stream and a robust evaluation score is established to render such values more understandable and less subjective. 

Our system allows users to constantly monitor the importance of each value in line with changes in circumstance or environment.  Alongside commercially proven financial evaluation techniques, strategic or social value appraisal creates a solid base and evidence of sound financial custodianship in asset matters

Asprey BI

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