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Portfolio Rationalisation and Option Appraisal

Futureproof your business

AspireBI, our self-serve asset value rationalisation, option appraisal and sustainability modelling solution, enlightens strategic decision making and cements asset value consensus across an organisation. The key purpose of AspireBI (and of our advice) is:

  • To weight, as objectively as possible, the financial, social and strategic values of each available investment option at any point in time;

  • To assess and rationalise the balance on these competing values against each other for each option;

  • To compare options objectively; and

  • Select the investment options that provide the best available balance of financial, social and strategic value to the business stream or organisation

Insights into optimising investments, and a sound methodology, improves efficiency of management efforts from a reliable central knowledge source.

Have a greater impact

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Stock Rationalisation

Insights into stock values and performance immediately improves effectiveness of management efforts from better shared knowledge.

Focus on doing the right things in managing asset and business portfolios avoids waste and improves yield immensely, against both financial and strategic benefit measures.

Choose the right solution

AspireBI enables sound business and business stream investment decisions and flexes for imminent changes that may revolutionise the needs of tenants and their providers



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  • Comprehensive option appraisal toolkit is key to demonstrating sound custodianship and investment decision making

  • Financial value calculations (NPV, yield etc) from detailed asset level forecasts

  • Strategic/social value methodology and scoring down to asset level

  • Robust financial and strategic comparative evaluations for investment/divestment decisions

  • Model New Build, Rent Change, Refurbishment and other scenarios

  • Turn insights into action and accelerates sound decision-making

  • Supported by Microsoft Power BI's modern high-performance analytics engine 

  • Eliminates repeated appraisals, and third-party need

  • Cements board understanding and engagement

  • Cements organisation-wide consensus on asset values and their drivers, to underpin all decision making

  • Minimises subjectivity in assessing investment-worthiness, expediting and evidencing the decision making process

  • Offers a consistent methodology and framework for future appraisals

  • Supports building a stronger and sustainable position for your business

  • Initiates continuous improvement and measurable results of interventions

  • Optimises investments and returns


“AspireBI's revolutionary consolidation approach gave Peabody an instantly accessible and multi-level single organisation-wide view of its housing stock"

Richard Ellis/Sustainability Director

“The AspireBI platform now provides a central source of income and expenditure information to assess the financial and strategic performance of properties (residential and non residential) at individual, streets, estates, regions and group level"

Guy Palmer/ Development Director

“When implementing AspireBI, and indeed since the original delivery in 2020, we have found the social housing business and investment appraisal knowledge of Asprey's Consultants to be invaluable"

Wesley Flower/Asset Manager

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