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Corporate Reporting Solutions

Be inspired by the possibilities

In today's big data world, expert knowledge of asset management, its data and software systems, allied to modern BI knowledge and experience allows us to create exceptional information and analytics dashboards from data within less than optimal system combinations.

Providing tomorrow's information today, economically, trumps the systems replacement that delivers yesterday's information in a couple of years' time, and at a great cost.

Take back your time

Asprey have been working with Microsoft Power BI since its release and have worked with a number of clients to build a centralised corporate reporting portal across a wide range of incumbent legacy systems.

Any designed dashboard or report can automatically refresh information from multiple data sources for a single, central version of the truth, delivering exceptional insight into your business operations and performance.

Our focus on your information needs, along with our extensive business knowledge ensures we deliver a tailored scalable solution that unlocks your data, provides you with pertinent and reliable knowledge, and enables you to make timely and informed decisions.

Where we are different

Our corporate reporting solutions are delivered in a Microsoft Power BI dashboarding and data model and we are committed to transferring skills and providing training and processes that enable your own BI or data analytics team to take ownership of, and innovate with the initial solution.  Alternatively, our BI experts and business consultants can continue to innovate in partnership with you via outsourced data analytics and reporting under a managed services arrangement. 

We empower our clients by delivering a continuously improving and robust basis for business performance management.

Consolidates and presents disparate data for immediate access to valuable information
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