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Our Solutions

Data Done Right

With over twenty years' experience in social housing asset, compliance and works management we truly understand your business.  We use our expertise in both solution development and supporting services to differentiate us from other suppliers. 

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Solutions that work for you

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Harness the wealth of data within your organisation

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Turn insights into action

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Promote a collaborative business focus

For our clients, ease and simplicity of access to reliable and informative data, as well as efficient maintenance of data is critical.

Our own QA processes include 'usability' tests at numerous stages of design and development.  Our consultants utilise our products for a wide range of consultancy and managed service projects and are heavily involved in their design.

Ease of use and maintenance, real-time updates, automation and enterprise-wide transparency of information and data are key design objectives of any of our developments and are key features of all our solutions.

Our Innovation

Your advantage

Our product and services development roadmap is ambitious and we heavily re-invest our profits in continued R&D for both existing and new products and services to benefit our clients.

Being sector and client driven, we involve our users in innovations and prioritising new functions and solutions in a number of ways:


Working in partnership with clients, supported by our account managers and consultants, ensures both our own environmental scanning and client  feedback is fed back into our development planning process

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