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Data Management  investment

Dealing with Data Chaos

Dealing with data that is separate and often incompatible can be extremely costly to an organisation.  Not only in terms of administration time (and frustration) when trying to provide performance or status reports, but also in terms of missed proactive management opportunities, or even worse, a catastrophic failure of one element of the business, simply because appropriate information was not readily available to those that needed it.

​Often investments in data, and associated interpretive analytics to create actionable information, are considered only in response to a particular issue, or in relation to a specific business area.  Leaving a single case-specific system within a myriad of other systems with disparate data management regimes. 

​Our BI data analytic services start by working with you to identify all of the business questions that you need to answer (not just in relation to asset management), and where in particular your organisation suffers from time delays to answer those questions, or where there are inconsistencies in the information provision, or the data itself.  

​We assist in a dynamic shift from reactive to proactive reporting by ensuring that simple to understand, accurate and immediate insights can be provided, using innovative and intuitive visualisations, regardless of the underlying software systems in use.

Delivering Data Confidence

Key to the use of any analytics to inform your business is to ensure that those utilising the outputs have confidence in the provided information.

​Our expertise in data management, alongside objective data health check services can quickly ascertain and evidence the provenance of any data source used in analytics or traditional applications your organisation may use.  We leave you in no doubt as to the strengths and weaknesses of your data and make detailed recommendations for continuous data and information management improvements.

​Our solution architecture and business process experts are also on-hand to lead or support any IT solution reviews and audits if you are, or need to consider, new solution procurement.

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