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Asprey AMI re-launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved AMI solution, offering simple and effective, yet affordable business intelligence functions across our entire suite of products. As a core element of our continued innovation and development programme, AMI is now the gateway to all Asprey products.

Offering simple to use visualisations and data analytics tools, with a wide range of ready to use Dashboards, you can provide immediate BI tools across your whole organisation.

Transform operations:

  • Tomorrow's information from today's systems

  • Plug & play Business Intelligence across your organisation

  • Immediate information from consolidated systems and data

  • Visible performance analytics for proactive intervention

  • Expedites decision-making and breaks down silos



Modern Central Switchboard - AMI offers a brand new central switchboard for user access to all of the operational modules your organisation uses from our suite.  This area also offers links to more information on our solutions as well as Asprey news and events.

User Manager - Our new and improved user manager function is now integral to AMI and simplifies the set up and management of user security access to any of the Asprey modules. 

Business Intelligence - AMI provides a wealth of data analytics, business intelligence and reporting features.  

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