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Enhanced Sustainability Modelling

Asprey and Sava continue their innovation partnership by spearheading holistic sustainability modelling with the launch of a consolidated solution that empowers social housing landlords to improve the quality of existing housing stock in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically viable and sustainable.

Combining the strengths of two leading immensely powerful business intelligence products, to offer a comprehensive approach to portfolio rationalisation and option appraisal, coupling Sava’s energy modelling with Asprey’s commercial sustainability modelling. This unified solution ensures users can establish sound custodianship and intelligent financial investment decision-making with a demonstrable commitment to social and environmental factors.

Leveraging powerful Bi functions, Asprey's AspireBI and Sava's Intelligent Energy users can make informed investment decisions ensuring responsible stewardship of resources and optimum impact of any investment strategy.

Asprey – AspireBI

AspireBI equips users with a streamlined asset value rationalisation and option appraisal model, fostering strategic decision-making and consensus-building across organisations. With insights into optimising investments and improving management efficiency, AspireBI establishes a consistent framework for appraisals that strengthen the financial, social and strategic sustainability of organisations.

Sava – Intelligent Energy

Sava's Intelligent Energy offers cutting-edge energy performance calculations, data quality assessments, and improvement planning tools. By enabling users to set and measure carbon targets, assess alternative improvement measures, and analyse the impact on tenant running costs, Sava Intelligent Energy facilitates the achievement of energy efficiency goals in a cost-effective manner.

By adopting a holistic approach to sustainability modelling:

Our joint solution empowers users to optimise investments, enhance strategic decision-making, and improve stock performance against multiple objectives. Furthermore, it fosters collaboration and consensus-building across organisations, streamlines management efforts, and expedites decision-making processes by minimising subjectivity and reliance on expensive third-party appraisal services.

Together, Asprey and Sava are revolutionising organisational and environmental sustainability modelling, ushering in a new era of responsible and data-driven decision-making in the realm of social housing.

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