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MTVH Asset Rationalisation and Option Appraisal with AspireBI

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) owns and manages 58,000 properties London, South East, East Midlands and East of England; providing affordable homes for rent, care & support and shared ownership for over 140,000 customers.

MTVH was formed following the merger of Metropolitan Housing and Thames Valley Housing in 2018.

Prior to the organisations merging, Thames Valley Housing had worked with Asprey to assess the performance of its property portfolio via the AspireBI platform to inform its Asset Management Strategy. Post-merger and with Metropolitan Housing not utilising a stock performance and option appraisal platform, Asprey were appointed to develop an Asset Appraisal Model to support in the delivery of the newly adopted Strategic Asset Management Plan.

MTVH and Asprey have recently completed the second iteration of the Asset Appraisal Model which has become a integral resource for Development, Finance, Property and Compliance Teams across the MTVH business to support operational and strategic investment and divestment decisions.

The AspireBI platform now provides a central source of income and expenditure information to assess the financial and strategic performance of properties (residential and non-residential) at individual, streets, estates, regions and group level.

AspireBI is used to;

· undertake all asset option appraisals to support investment or divestment decision

· undertake bespoke appraisals on properties requiring major works, building safety or EPC upgrades

· identify assets that require intervention as a result of falling outside of financial and strategic performance measures

· provides a central source of asset data that supports the continued cleansing and improvement of data

Guy Palmer, Development Director

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