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Coronavirus uncertainties

None of us know the extent of the disruption that will be caused to travel and commerce as a result of virus containment measures.  The only certainty is that tenant demands and responsibility towards them will not decrease.

As a partnering organisation to most of our clients, with a business and IT support role, we undertake and enjoy (for relationship-building purposes) a lot of on-site and face to face contact.  If this is curtailed (perhaps even if not), unlike many of our competitors, we will focus upon sustaining and improving smooth and rapid access to our people and our services for our customers.

Asprey Remote Working

For some time now, with three offices, we have successfully used video and audio interactive conferencing across Asprey.  Microsoft Teams is our standard medium, but we use other media, both for specific purposes and market awareness.  

Asprey Remote Support

The majority of our clients have already have been involved in audio or video conference and remote support initiatives with our teams, as we have corporate goals to reduce our carbon footprint, improve personnel care and efficiency, to deliver services more rapidly, economically and effectively, by reducing travelling time and wasted effort.

Not all our clients use Microsoft Teams themselves and there are some teething problems that can surface with Teams and our other comms products due to firewall and other client network protocols, but these are readily surmountable.

Ensuring and Improving Ongoing Service Levels

At Asprey we believe that it is possible to maintain and improve our levels of service to our customers using interactive audio and video conferencing plus remote diagnostic, training and support tools.  Savings in travelling time and effort makes our employees more productive and increases the hours that they are available to customers, as well as reducing carbon footprint and coronavirus restrictions.

Our products have remote support capability, and will all have web-enabled versions by Q4 of this year.

Immediate actions

We aim to encourage all clients to adopt remote interaction as an alternative to on-site meetings.  We see real benefits for customers in streamlining their links to Asprey in this manner and, of course, it is likely to be forced upon us should the likely coronavirus restrictions materialise.

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