Increasing demands on the sector from competition, private sector growth, subsidy cuts, and cost cutting, despite mounting pressure to maximize social impact, leaves social landlords juggling financial strategies to cope with existing financial regimes, emerging regimes and future viability frameworks whilst constrained by government-imposed social housing strategic goals.

Government is driving social housing to achieve its prescribed success targets and is determined that the social housing sector can deliver more for less.

Our methodology is unique: we create a commercially proven, centralised and dynamic model to provide a benchmark base for all investment decisions and a reference source for all current asset information.

Although fairly common in the sector, ad-hoc option appraisal across discrete asset groups without reference to a central model fails entirely to address either better pinpointed opportunities or opportunity costs; considering investment options in isolation from whole stock values is akin to buying a new carpet despite a leaky roof.

We build and maintain complex data models until clients are able to take them over. We believe it is essential to transfer skills and provide software and processes to leave clients with a continuously improving and robust future for asset investment decision-making.


  • Many years in asset management plus a unique mix of practical experience and academic knowledge of business and investment strategy, change management, corporate finance and regulated privatisation.
  • Staff will gain forecasting and interpretation skills through our knowledge transfer ethos.
  • Our ABI portals use modern BI, data mining and manipulation technologies, building intelligence from huge amounts of dispersed data and placing it at your fingertips.
  • Once the model is created, data can be modified in line with internal or environmental factor changes at minimal cost.
  • Our attractive portals are accessible via browser and do not require technical skills to operate.
  • Eliminate repeated third-party appraisal services, save time and money, demonstrate sound custodianship and put your organisation in a stronger competitive position.
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