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Home Working

Home working has always been possible in many sectors.  It does not favour traditional sales activities but it brings many environmental and personal benefits.  Covid appears to have transformed attitudes towards home working.  

Office landlords and office focussed service businesses may suffer but the planet and many people’s quality of life can reap massive benefits, particularly once normal social contact is resumed.

Home working is here to stay within many sectors, even though it may be impossible in others.  

Collectively, there needs to be recalibration of the overall economy where, rather like the demise of heavy industries over the last thirty years, that wiped out the economies of many towns, cities and even regions, the businesses no longer required to serve commuters and office concentrations will reduce substantially.  Patently this will be less damaging in human terms but more resistance will be seen from powerful lobby groups and their political allies.  Hence, the current revolution in home working may be diluted somewhat.

With home working, there will need to be training and induction plans for those leaving education and even work accommodation for young people or those in otherwise unsuitable home circumstances.  Both of these are new challenges for employers.

Apart from the massive economic, environmental and social benefits of eliminating non-productive travel from many sectors, remote and home working is unleashing job opportunities for those with mobility impairment, unleashing a new pool of talent into our economy and enhancing lifestyles immeasurably.

Hopefully something good can come from this pandemic to weigh against its terrible toll.

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