Asprey Management Intelligence (AMI)

Transform your operations

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A comprehensive set of expertly-designed, interactive dashboards displays pertinent information and analytics from all underlying operational data, including a 360° view of each asset.

Simple design tools allow users to bespoke visually stunning and informative dashboards.



Reports available to supplement dashboards on any and all data mined by AMI. Simply prepare from dashboards, graphics, charts, maps or use standard report templates.


Board Portal

Inform Board members and/or senior management through a dedicated interactive Board portal with KPI information, supporting document upload and commentary options.

Information at the right time, to the right people, for the right decisions.


  • Consolidates disparate data for prompt access to valuable information

  • Simplified visualisations of complex data; via dashboards, graphics, charts, maps and reports

  • A comprehensive library of ready to use interactive dashboards

  • Users can quickly design interactive dashboards, intuitively, without technical input

  • 360° asset views consolidate all data for a single asset

  • Optional Hackitt based building safety case management

  • Delivers information transparency across the organisation for improved teamwork

  • Dedicated Board portal provides interactive dashboards for senior management and Board


  • Improved visibility of organisational performance, for optimal intervention at all levels

  • Simplifies the complex, enabling better tactical and strategic decision-making

  • Encourages Board understanding and engagement, with prompt, improved management data

  • Simple to use, with no expensive BI product licence requirements or user number constraints

  • Informs collaborative efforts for improved teamwork

  • Immediate ROI from reduced admin & comms costs, on top of production efficiencies

  • Initiates continuous improvement from measurable results of interventions

  • Rapid deployment utilising our consultants’ extensive social housing knowledge and expertise

‘One version of the truth’ organisation-wide

Asprey Management Intelligence

All your Social Housing information in one easy to use place


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Empowers users with ‘plug & play’ business intelligence - intuitive features provide intuitive, insightful analytics to users.

Simplified visualisation of complex data with at-a-glance key performance indicators relevant to objectives or business processes, offering payback through shared understanding and insight.


Immediate access to valuable information from disparate data sources is provided by a comprehensive library of out-of-the-box interactive dashboards designed by our asset management experts.

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Consolidated 360° Asset view, pulling together all known information on a single searchable asset/property.

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Easy to use bespoke dashboard designers help you to create impressive interactive visualisations that can be kept ‘personal’ or ‘made public’ to other company users.

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Improve collaboration, communication and accountability, and reduce administration costs across all departments by the transparency of factual information across your organisation.


Promotes focussed efforts on performance improvements and targets, with simple visualisations and analytics functions or IT help.


Dedicated data health check dashboards reveal results of inbuilt data audits across operational data for continuous improvement.

AMI puts business users at the heart of business intelligence creation, without excessive licence fees and IT help.

Visuals & analytics can be created simply for prompt, informed decision- making and performance management

· On-screen drill-downs and filters

· Simple Cut/Paste and export features

· User commentary input by your own specialists

· On-screen help functions


AMI Image Report Builder

Compiling reports, especially where the associated core data is managed in numerous places or ways, can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

With innovative and easy to use reporting functions - take the pain out of single or consolidated reports.

Eliminate time wasted in pulling information together from multiple sources.


Simple report template creation with blank template drag and drop or report designer wizard.


Add logos, charts, graphics, tables and table of contents etc

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Utilise macro and micro data from any linked data source.


Library of designed report templates can simply be ‘refreshed’ with new data at the touch of a button.

Board Portal

AMI Image Board Portal

Satisfy and gain confidence of senior management and board members by giving them access to a dedicated board portal.

Intelligent, prompt data insights empower end-users by being closer to, and hence able to influence, the results of the business.


Manage dated meeting ‘sessions’, select appropriate dashboards and publish them to relevant sessions.

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Dashboards remain interactive with drill-down and filter options.


Upload associated documents and other information (meeting agenda, previous minutes, actions, etc.).