The Asprey Group

AspreyBI is the dedicated business intelligence division of independent asset management provider, Asprey Solutions.


Our state of the art business intelligence tools provide you with the keys to unlocking unsurpassed levels of information about your housing stock and building intuitive decision support resources across your organisation.


Our BI team has vast experience in Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Business Process, People Management and Economics and our expertise offers uniquely designed industry specific products and services.


Our corporate body of knowledge means we understand your business and the wider social housing sector. We offer industry specific BI products and services that can help you harness the wealth of asset information and performance data across your organisation and convert it into previously unimaginable specific business intelligence.


Our Team

Ian founded the company and was the driving force in developing the Options Appraisal modelling Asprey use today. Ian has over 22 years experience within Corporate Finance, dealing with the public and private sector. Along with his asset management experience he drives the BI division forward.

David Ellis, Senior Consultant


David has a wealth of knowledge in asset management with over 12 years experience with Asprey Management Solutions. He uses his experience and knowledge to give real Business Intelligence to our clients - allowing them to make informed decisions using pertinent information.

Daryl Huttley, Technical Director


As Technical Director and fellow Founder, Daryl oversees the development of the software used by the Asprey consultancy team. This software development is key to the success of the team and with her extensive experience and skill constantly evolves the models we use.

James Whelan, Consultant


James joined the BI team with experience in management in the private sector along with a degree in economics. Using these analytical skills he helps produce the reports and visualisations that are important to Strategic decision makers.

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