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We aim to help our clients transform their social housing asset management practices, re-work attitudes towards asset data, promote shared understanding and hence implicit and explicit collaboration between departments.

How? By importing best practice tools and techniques from many sectors to build a central understanding of those strategic and financial dynamics of their stock, that are capable of being leveraged for success.

Systems have grown in the sector to facilitate more efficient departmental workflows and build increasingly `integrated’ software at the input side – unfortunately, `integrated’ outputs have proved more elusive. Rather than building complex and unwieldy GUI onto battleship systems, US industries such as aerospace are mining data with flexible BI systems and treating operational systems as data `lakes’ for this purpose.

We believe that the future of this sector lies with products that make more sense of disparate data – rather than increased departmental reporting, isolated efficiency and hence segmentation. The future challenge is to have a pervasive view of business dynamics at both strategic and operational levels – fortunately, homogeneity of housing stock renders this achievable with good forecasting practices and business processes.

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