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What is AspreyBI?

AspreyBI is the business intelligence division of Asprey Solutions, the well-established independent supplier of asset management services to the social housing sector.

The BI division was established in response to the changing needs of our clients and the social housing sector as a whole; organisations are under
increasing pressure to utilise fewer resources whilst yielding better financial and social orientated results.

Applying government, private and public sector experience, AspreyBI helps organisations to achieve these goals by building clear, intuitive central data models revealing asset value dynamics for informed decision-making.

Why do we need better business intelligence?

New Regulatory Framework, Value for Money Standard, Social Housing SORP……stricter regulatory demands alongside prescribed management and financial practices for sector-wide best practice.

These management and financial suggestions should be second nature but they only go part way towards better asset custodianship.

For organisation-wide appreciation of how individual assets can impact future strategic and future financial gain, better information on their individual financial dynamics, financial constraints and strategic worth is required.

Culling and refreshing asset level historic and predictive information from dispersed, voluminous data sources is now easily achieved using modern BI tools and methods.

How can AspreyBI help your organisation?

Everything we do is built upon the foundation of ‘healing by learning’. We collate data, interpret and explain it comprehensively to render it updateable and usable by clients. Our core offering is the asset value portal: a centralised data model of the strategic, financial and resale values of each asset, with comprehensive filtering and reporting capability for users – the ideal basis for sound investment decision-making and ongoing stock option appraisal.

We involve clients throughout the entire process to share knowledge and understanding of the entire rationale; we do not alienate with vagueness or technical jargon. This partnership style of working ensures that our clients get maximum, lasting benefits long after delivery.

What do we know about options appraisal?

Since Asprey’s incorporation, its executives have provided strategic consultancy services to multinational firms outside of their management of Asprey’s social housing products and consultancy business. These services are now consolidated within AspreyBI to focus their expertise upon our sector.

Although, even within the sector, Asprey Solutions has never been ‘just’ a software company, AspreyBI is a new growing dedicated division with specialists from finance, data analysis, social housing and corporate strategy backgrounds, led by 30+ years of privatisation and corporate finance experience in the senior management team.

Add this to our asset management knowledge and our proficiency in emerging BI technologies for a winning team at our disposal.

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